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“Deciding to seek help is the most important step towards healing”

How do I know if I need mental health counselling ? 

Our mental health concerns do not figure on a checklist. Our responses to circumstances are varied, a mental health counsellor is trained to help you navigate through your emotions. The goal is to equip you with the resources to approach life with healthy coping mechanisms. Do not question the time point at which you might need help, reach out for help when you intuitively feel it is the right decision for you.The moment you decide to accept or be aware of your emotions, your struggle and your being. The moment you stop getting answers from your heart as to why you feel the way you do or why can you not control some of your thoughts, this is the point when you seek help before it’s late. Remember, deciding to seek help is the most important step towards healing. That way you choose to address and take care of yourself, the road ahead is only bright and beautiful.

How will a counsellor support you? 

A mental health counsellor actively listens to you with compassion and helps you grow a deep, meaningful connection with yourself and others. Counsellors use their academic prowess to help you build resilience and emotional range to cope with challenges. A counsellor guides your thought processes in ways where you can value yourself and listen to inner whispers of your heart. Most importantly, a counsellor let’s you be You and makes you feel good about it.

How are the counselling sessions structured?

Counselling is a continuous process of growth, there is no said timeline to which therapy is bound, kindly discuss any questions you might have with your counsellor. The length, frequency and schedule are decided collaboratively by you and your counsellor, this is tailored to your needs.

What should you expect from counselling?

A safe space free of bias or judgement shared between you and your counselor, that allows you to build the resources to cope. The goal of counselling is decided collaboratively, prioritizing your well being.

The one thing to remember is that healing is a journey in which you spend time on yourself so you can identify the real you within. Patience on the onset, goes a long way in finding peace and tranquility within, which you have been searching outside






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