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In My Thoughts

In My Thoughts

The world can be such a beautiful place if we want it to be. Human beings are so capable of love, if only they receive it too.

I wish we were all as empathetic as we need to be. I wish we could all love and accept love like nothing made us feel like we don’t deserve it.

I wish we could all heal from everything that damaged us.

I wish we could all look at the skies and hear the wind rustling in the leaves of trees and feel a contentment in our hearts.

I wish I could love everything. And everyone.

I wish someday, in life I reach a point where living doesn’t scare me, but makes me look forward to what the world has in store for me.

I wish we all weren’t as terribly scared as we are.

I wish we learned to breathe freely. Walk freely. Love truly. Hurt abundantly. Heal beautifully.


-( Aakanksha Kulkarni )