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Your Life Matters

Your Life Matters

I have failed 6 times in UPSC. Yes, you read it right. Six failed attempts after studying freaking hard for 6 long and continuous years. I too have faced criticism on and off for my decision.

But giving up on everything is not a solution. It’s the societal pressure or the peer expectations which makes anyone take extreme actions.

First of all, aspirants should learn that it is an exam like any other ordinary exam. If you pass it’s good, if you don’t, then move on to other things. There are thousands of things which you can do, earn, and live a respectful life in society.

Secondly, parents and guardians should also take UPSC as ordinary and they should not impose their dreams on children to fulfill them. Preparing for UPSC in itself is an exhaustive year-long process. So one should show some empathy towards the aspirants.

Stop comparing. Be it anything.

Yes, sometimes UPSC is unfair and so is Life.

The UPSC preparation itself teaches you a lot that you can apply anywhere and move forward in life.

P.S – I am 2 years behind people of my age groups after trying different things and employment in terms of money, car or a house but that’s okay for me and it should be OK for everyone. Remember, YOU ARE PRECIOUS and YOUR LIFE MATTERS.”

-( Piyush Anand )