Reflections on My Journey

Reflections on My Journey

Reflections on My Journey

Today I want to share my experience of what helped me move ahead from loss to loving life.

My biggest strength came from family and close friends. People who I could openly share how I felt, people who listened to my fragile soul and kept me standing.

Choosing to be Kind at every opportunity (to others and myself) and sharing what my journey has taught me.

My work gave me the platform to support people who needed courage and positivity for their day.

My garden-where I lost myself for hours- only to find hope in a new bud or a fresh dew drop.

Being creative with my cooking and enjoying the joy on the faces of my awesome children.

Reading has been the one thing which kept inspiring me to believe that I am more than my pain. That I can learn happiness, once again.

And that I can one day look back and share with the world:

‘You can do it too’.

I am very grateful for this opportunity of being able to communicate on this platform.

I wanted to share this piece of writing so readers can see that each little step is important. And sharing our challenges openly can be an amazing beginning.

( Anni T

Passionate mum, Amateur gardener, Budding master chef and a Doctor. )